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Welcome to Careers.Ga.Gov, your best resource for finding Careers with the State of Georgia!

State of Georgia government is made up of more than 140 agencies, authorities, commissions, community service boards, TCSG educational institutions, boards and legislative bodies. (This does not even include individual colleges and universities of the Board of Regents.) The Merit System Reform Act of 1996* allows each of these entities to determine, individually, how they will recruit, screen and hire applicants for jobs in their organizations. Careers.Ga.Gov is State agencies' tool of choice to find, recruit, and hire high caliber employees.

*Note: Also, as provided by the Merit System Reform Act of 1996, all new employees hired by the State after July 1, 1996 are “unclassified” and not covered by Merit System/civil service rules and regulations.

Where is the State of Georgia Employment Application?

Careers.Ga.Gov offers the most central place to find job opportunities with the State of Georgia. For any job you find advertised on Careers.Ga.Gov, you will need to complete the State of Georgia Resume Builder and apply on-line for that job. Some of these jobs, however, may also require that you submit additional application materials, including a paper application or resume.

In this case, or if you are applying for a job which is being announced by an individual agency but is not listed on Careers.Ga.Gov, or if you are otherwise applying for a job (or promotional opportunity) with the State that requires a completed State of Georgia Employment paper application, you have a choice of two options:

  • Contact the hiring/employing agency to obtain specific information about what materials you will need to submit in order to apply. The hiring/employing agency should be able to provide copies of the Employment Application, as well as other required materials.

  • The Department of Administrative Services continues to provide the State of Georgia Employment Application for electronic download. The application is available in Adobe PDF (interactive) at:
         State Application
         Supplemental Work History
Please note: Mailed applications should be directed to the specific agency for the job/position in which you are applying. Paper applications are not processed by DOAS Human Resources Administration.

How do I apply for a job with the State of Georgia?

    If you find a job on Careers.Ga.Gov for which you wish to apply:
  1. In the job announcement, select .
  2. If necessary, create My CareerSearch or login to your My CareerSearch account.
  3. After the job is added to your My Jobs folder, select .
  4. If necessary, complete or revise your resume/application.
  5. Submit any additional required information to complete your on-line application.

Please Note: Individual State agencies may recruit for job vacancies in a variety of ways including posting job announcements on Careers.Ga.Gov. If you are only interested in employment with a particular agency, select that agency's code to find job announcements on Careers.Ga.Gov, or contact that agency's personnel office directly to learn about other opportunities. If you find a job by contacting an agency personnel office directly, be sure to follow their instructions carefully to apply.

Please note: Mailed applications should be directed to the specific agency for the job/position in which you are applying. Paper applications are not processed by DOAS Human Resources Administration.

What are special recruitment jobs and
   where do I find information for specific vacancies?

Special Recruitment indicates specific job vacancies posted to Careers.Ga.Gov. The application period is limited. These jobs currently have vacancies or may have an infrequent recruitment schedule. Job hunters can apply for these jobs on-line on Careers.Ga.Gov, but should also follow any specific instructions provided in the additional information section by the hiring agency.

What are minimum and preferred qualifications?

The "Entry Qualifications" listed for a vacancy are the amount and type of work experience, education/training and/or licensure you need to have to be considered for that job. Qualifications might also be stated in terms of minimum competencies. You may also see "Preferred Qualifications". Applicants with these competencies, education or experience will usually be given first consideration in screening and hiring for that particular vacancy.

For certain jobs, an agency may require you to complete additional screening procedures before hiring. These could include work samples, and/or physical ability or medical requirements. The agency may also require a criminal background check, polygraph examination or drug test.

What is My CareerSearch?

Careers.Ga.Gov gives you new ways to personalize your State of Georgia career search with My CareerSearch.

    With My CareerSearch you are able to establish a convenient, personalized applicant account...
  • With this account you can enter, update, and store your resume/application information on-line via the State of Georgia Resume Builder.
  • You are able to schedule exams for jobs requiring examinations as well as review scoring information for jobs that require a scored evaluation.
  • Also in My CareerSearch, you will find an area called My Jobs (think on-line job shopping cart). In My Jobs you can select, apply for, and check the status of your application for jobs in which you are interested.

By giving you more flexibility and control over these activities, we at Careers.Ga.Gov and with the State of Georgia hope to make your employment search as efficient and effective as possible.

What if I forget My CareerSearch UserID or password?

If you have forgotten your password but you know your UserID and have a working email address associated with your account, access our 'forgot password' feature to have your password emailed to you.

Don't remember your UserID, or don't have a working email address? Please follow the instructions below.

For quick assistance in resetting your password or verifying your UserID, call 877-318-2772. You will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, phone, etc. to verify your My CareerSearch account. Once your account has been verified, your UserId can be retrieved or, if necessary, your password reset*.

*Note: Careers.Ga.Gov staff do not have access to job hunters' passwords. If you forget your password, a new one will need to be assigned.

What is Resume Builder?

The State of Georgia Resume Builder helps job hunters build an on-line resume for applying for State of Georgia jobs. You can only have one resume/application on file with the State of Georgia’s Careers.Ga.Gov.

This resume is used for evaluating your qualifications for all jobs for which you have applied (or are applying) and is not linked to a particular job vacancy. Your resume may also be made available to State of Georgia agencies that are considering you for various jobs, now or in the future.

Therefore, you should not customize the content of your resume for a specific job vacancy. Instead, describe your education and work history in a way that is applicable to any job for which you might apply or be considered—specifically emphasizing your overall significant accomplishments.

Most importantly, the content of your resume should be consistent. It should only need to be revised when you gain additional education or experience--not each time you apply for a different job.

How do I update my resume?

You can edit your on-line Resume at any time, and you will want to make revisions when you gain additional education or work experiences. However, only the most recent version of your Resume resides in the database. Therefore, it is not advisable to customize the Resume for each individual job for which you apply.

To edit your on-line Resume, please click "My JobSearch" and log-in to your electronic folder. Next, select "Edit Resume" and input your updated information in the appropriate fields. To save your updates, click "Preview My Resume" at the bottom of the screen. Then click "Save My Resume" at the bottom of the next screen. Your updates have been saved.

How safe is TheJobSite concerning privacy of personal information in Resume Builder?

The Department of Administrative Services is committed to respecting the privacy of our users. To get further information concerning our privacy practices view our Privacy Policy

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