With over 140 different agencies, authorities, commissions, community service boards, DTAE educational institutions, boards and legislative bodies in the State of Georgia, benefits available to State Employees may vary. Below is an overview of the extensive and highly competitive benefits for which some State employees are eligible.

Vacation Leave:
Accrual for full-time employees is based on years of continuous service:
10 hours per month for up to 5 years of service
12 hours per month from 5-10 years of service
14 hours per month for 10 years of service or longer

Sick Leave:
Accrual for full-time employees is at the rate of 10 hours per month regardless of years of service. After 120 hours have been accrued, up to 24 sick leave hours per year may be transferred to personal leave.

State of Georgia Employees are provided with 12 paid holidays per year.

Group health, dental, accidental death and dismemberment, and life insurance are available to State employees.

Retirement Plan:
Most State of Georgia Employees may participate in either the Employee's Retirement System or the Teacher' Retirement System. Contributions are based on a percentage of salary.

Deferred Compensation:
Tax shelter plans are available to State of Georgia employees that enable them to provide for greater retirement security.

Credit Union:
Employees may be eligible to become members of the State Employees Credit Union.

Working Hours:
At the discretion of agency heads, State of Georgia Employees may have the option of flex time working hours.

Promotional Opportunity:
As ability and experience are gained, career development/growth and promotional opportunities are available.

   Additional Benefits

Dedication and commitment to community is common among the nearly 104,000 people employed by the State of Georgia. That makes state government the single largest employer in Georgia. And, with more than80 agencies and numerous job classifications that range from accounting to law enforcement, and from medical to social service, no other organization can boast such an array of services provided to Georgia's nine million citizens.

No other organization offers its employees so many career opportunities, nor is diversity in the workplace valued more than it is in state government. State government employees help state agencies fulfill their obligation to promote the education, health, safety, and quality of life of all Georgians. State government work is challenging - employees' talents are tested and their skills and abilities are improved. In return, employees have access to a Total Rewards package that can be tailored to their individual needs.

State Employees can expect competitive compensation and performance recognition, retirement and pension benefits, paid holidays and time off, opportunities for career development and advancement, flexible work schedules, engaging and diverse work environments, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with being part of a team that keeps Georgia progressive, prosperous, and a place we're all proud to call home.

Team Georgia