Veterans Preference

Veteran's Preference
Some veterans may be eligible to receive either 5 or 10 points added to their passing score on a pre-employment. Below are the types of veteran's preference granted by the State of Georgia. In order to receive credit for Veteran's Preference, you must submit copies of the appropriate documentation to the appropriate Hiring Agency HR Department.

Please note: Veteran's Preference cannot be awarded until copies of the appropriate documentation have been received. Also, copies of documentation may not be returned.

Additional Veteran's Information: Please visit Veterans' Employment & Training Service and GI Bill to get more info.

The following types of preference are currently granted:
Type (points given) Required Documentation
VETERAN (5) DD214 showing dates of service and type of discharge
VETERAN'S SURVIVING SPOUSE (10) DD214; marriage and death certificates
DISABLED VETERAN (10) Certificate of service-connected disability of at least 10% from the V.A. dated within the last 6 months; DD214
DISABLED VETERAN'S SPOUSE (10) Disabled veteran's documents dated within last 6 months; DD214; veteran must have 100% disability; marriage certificate

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